The Svelte Gourmet's mission is to help you and your families learn to make healthy food taste good, enjoy cooking while staying fit, and realize how easy it can be to make gourmet meals every day of the week.  In order to achieve this, we offer a variety of customizable services.  Everyone's needs are different, so we're flexible!  Services include:

  •  Svelte Gourmet "Personal Training" Sessions
         Hands-on learning sessions in your kitchen or mine!  Learn some new recipes or   
         lighten up your favorites!  (priced hourly or as a package)

  •  "Cooking Svelte" Dinner Parties

         Cook & learn together, eat together, laugh together!
         (priced per person or as a package)

  • Svelte Gourmet Classes & Seminars

The Svelte Gourmet will work with you to customize the kind of service that's right for you -- either one-time or on an ongoing basis!  Partnership opportunities are available as well.  Contact us now to discuss your needs and our service options!


This is one lifestyle change you can live with!

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