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Clients come to The Svelte Gourmet for different reasons -- some are trying to lose weight; some love to cook, but want to make their food healthier; some just want a night out with friends; and others know that if they come to The Svelte Gourmet, they won't have to do the dishes!  Whatever the reason, we always have a great time, make a lot of fantastic food, and keep the calories to a minimum.  This particular group of ladies has a monthly girls' night out, with one major difference -- each month, they pick a charity to support.  What a fantastic idea!  I was honored to host their group.  They had a great time, learned a lot, and we prepared a 5-part meal with fewer calories than 2 slices of pan pizza or most restaurants' dinner salads!  But don't take my word for's what they have to say:
Serving Up Taste, Not Calories
by Tess Hughes, GNO with a Cause
Charleston, South Carolina

The GNO with a Cause group headed out to the quaint town of Meggett,
South Carolina to attend a fully-personalized, Thai-themed cooking lesson
at the home of Jenny Fox, creator of The Svelte Gourmet. She welcomed
us into her beautiful home to get a personalized, hands-on lesson on
cooking a four course meal with less than 800 calories.

The room was filled with nostalgic music and the smell of fresh ingredients
as we entered the home of The Svelte Gourmet herself. The kitchen was
organized by course with recipes and ingredients at each station, which
kept the preparation time down to a minimum. As a team we whipped up
each course and sat to enjoy it before moving onto the next item on the
menu. In between course preparation, Jenny answered any questions and
offered up helpful hints. In addition to learning some fabulous low-calorie
recipes, we took home a wealth of information on nutrition, no-calorie fillers
and cooking tips and tricks. Jenny even had recipe cards of the entire meal
for us to take home. The lesson's content was invaluable!

At the end of the meal, we were full, satisfied and talking about scheduling
our next lesson before we could make it out of the front door. Although we
had just met Jenny for the first time that evening, we felt at home and
welcomed. Thanks to Jenny for her charitable contribution to our
February GNO with a Cause that benefited the Grace Home. To learn more
about Grace Home, please visit

Here's the menu that Jenny prepared for us:
Ginger Sesame Salad Dressing over a bed of spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers
Far East Tomato Soup
Bok Choy with Sesame Drizzle
Shrimp Pad Thai
Petit Creme Brulee

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