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"I have lost over 30 pounds in the last year or so without dieting. Your tricks have helped. Sometimes things people say just hit you in a profound way. Your blog has helped me a great deal to get off of the lifetime dieting rollercoaster. No scales, no diet, just making these little changes and a bit mroe exercise. I only know the # from dr. visits;-) You have the right idea and I am grateful that you have shared your thoughts."

Alliah, Virginia 

"At the end of the meal, we were full, satisfied and talking about scheduling

our next lesson before we could make it out of the front door."
Tess H., Charleston, SC
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"Made The Svelte Gourmet mac and cheese last night. A++.  Chris made a funny face when I told him what the cauliflower was for but he loved it (me too) and packed a heapful for his lunch today!"
Jaclyn D., Baltimore, MD
"It was great meeting you on Thursday night. Your cookbook has been so helpful to me, I have cooked so much already. Tonight I did the mac & cheese! Very good!! Thank you so much...."
Lisa M., Charleston, SC
"You really are a great ambassador for healthy food. I'm glad that more people are coming your way and agreeing with you!"
J.B.S., United States
"Made the pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto last night and it was incredible! Thanks!"
Liz S., Washington, DC
"Made the 'cream' of broccoli soup for a crowd today -- everyone RAVED! Thank you Jen!"
Jessica T., Lancaster, PA
"I love your style! You've expressed my heart about food so eloquently!..What a sweet wife you are for taking such great care of your husband's health! I'm so glad to have found your blog. Keep on inspiring us!"
Dayna, Mozambique
"I made the salmon in your cookbook last night for dinner and it was wonderful! So incredibly simple and delicious."
Angie K., Washington, DC
"I love Pizza Night!"
Keith F., Charleston, SC
"I tried your recipe for the Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Artichokes that is listed in the Cookbook and it was fantastic. I also had the Signature Salad and sauteed asparagus. I actually had fun cooking for a change. Thanks for the tips and the recipes."
Cheryl H., Meggett, SC
"I just got my cookbook. Everything looks super yummy! First dish I will make is the 'baked tilapia with lemon & dill' it looks so good! I love dill!"
Samantha C., Westport, CT 

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